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About Us

ONNIDATA is aimed toward public and private companies which look toward the future, ready to leap into the digital age and eager to make the best use of technological innovations to aid them in achieving their objectives.

Our high flexibility, design skills and consolidated experience allow us to develop tailor-made solutions to the specific needs of our customers, thus offering targeted advice.

Thanks to our significant know-how, we offer our services as technological and innovative partners for solutions in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Audio Recognition, Natural Language Processing, Data Intelligence, Business Intelligence and GeoCyber.

Our solutions

Computer Vision

is that branch of Artificial Intelligence that allows computers to see, classify and process visual data as a human would (or, in some cases, even better). Our technology identifies and searches for, even in real time: vehicles, license plates, objects, people, scenarios, animals, etc.

Audio Recognition

is a solution based on Artificial intelligence that allows machines to identify sounds of any kind. Our technology, based on the last progresses in the audiometrics field, offers a diversified spread of advanced solutions for Voice recognition and the identification of people, places and scenarios.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

is that branch of Artificial Intelligence that allows computers to understand human speech. Our technology is based on Complex Actions which include not only understanding of single words but also the logical and semantic meaning of the phrase.

Data Intelligence

By Data Intelligence we refer to the method that starts with data creation and arrives to their extraction and interpretation, aiming toward making them structured, readable, usable and useful for the creation of corporate value. Our technology is the result of thirty years of experience in the processing of territorial and personal data.

Business Intelligence

a Business Intelligence platform allows the complete review of your company’s data to increase your awareness, improve decision-making and act in a Data-Driven way. Thanks to our know-how in this field, you will have the most suitable innovative solution for your organization.


from the merging of all our technologies is born an innovative solution to classify and correlate in a geographic/territorial way and in an increasingly accurate way images, sounds and texts.

Onnidata Artificial Intelligence

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Onnidata: Model Factory

Neural Model Factory

We are the link between human heuristics and Artificial Intelligence and that’s thanks to the Neural Model Factory that is our innovative driving force for the creation of Tailor-made solutions that are increasingly closer to human needs.

Here a constant study of neural network models takes place, an essential step to develop an Artificial Intelligence that can meet the different needs of the customer by extrapolating from any type of data (textual, visual and audio) information that turns into value.

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